"Let your downhills carry you uphill."

Tastykake is still in business, right? Then I still don’t care about Hostess.


(I mean, I do care that an iconic American business is suffering, but on a personal level, we never had anything but Tastykake products in our house. It’s just how we do it around here.)

I too came from a Tastykake Household. Begone Hostess.

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    Yeah, I’m sitting here wondering… What’s the fuss about twinkies that they’re suddenly a hot item on E-bay? I didn’t...
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  4. talix18 said: EXACTLY. I can’t even think about a world without Peanut Butter Tandy Takes.
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    I too came from a Tastykake Household. Begone Hostess.
  6. generalmike said: Drakes are where it’s at. I give respect to Tastykake, but you know my hang ups about them RE: Snoopy.
  7. sexartandpolitics said: How hard is it to make something with 45g of sugar delicious? Perhaps this will pave the way for a gas station snack renaissance.
  8. sade said: but is it true that wonderbread is going away? because i love me some wonderbread and peanut butter at 3am when im crying
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