"Let your downhills carry you uphill."


Rob here tells me that that Penn State picture is ok and I shouldn’t get so worked up about racist stereotypes.

Not about rape either.

He says it is asinine complaining on the internet.

I can’t…

Some kids should be kept away from computers really. Especially people who have no respect to the experiences of others but insist on being right.

We live in a sad world sometimes.

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  1. ananda-mide said: I don’t think trying to put someone on blast on the internet is going to make their opinion change any faster then perhaps having a ligitimate intelligent conversation with them without getting so heated.
  2. lola-forizzle said: Oh Rob said that? All right, everyone, let’s pack up our bags and back off on racism and rape culture. Rob said we shouldn’t get worked up about it. Let’s thank Rob, the expert on Racism & Rape. Dk what we could’ve done w/o your invaluable asstrumpetry.
  3. nomorethumbs said: Never mind, He was just temporarily misplaced by the tumblrbots… damn!
  4. tini21 said: some people should be kept away from other people so they don’t hump each other and make idiotic babies
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