"Let your downhills carry you uphill."

JasenComstock: A passive-aggressive open letter to people who are "too hot" during the winter.


Thanks for keeping windows open all the time! I’ve always fantasized about living in a bus shelter so this is extra fun for me. No, no, please just leave them and forget it so our air can remain “fresh” all day and night and we can finally rid ourselves all this…

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  1. fatbottompurls said: I hate when I’m told to “put on more layers” because it’s easier for me to “warm up” than it is for them to cool down too. Fuck. If I wanted to wear a coat inside, I’d turn the heat off.
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    From under my six sweaters and blankets here in Ohio I half-heartedly salute all of New York City for their bizarre and...
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    Waiting for my husband to reblog this pointedly at me since I spend all winter with the windows open sleeping on top of...
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