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Cheesy, Arrogant Anecdote

I was dressed for the gym. It was cold out. I went to the gym for a warmup run before my usual outdoor route. I had to: besides the cold it was perfect out. How could I not? On my way out to run, the desk lady said, ” How are you running outside when it’s this cold?! It’s not safe!” I smiled curtly, squinted, and said, ” Some people like to run. Only a few of them are runners.”

I Just made a few phone calls to the Maryland General Assembly in support of the Civil Marriage Protection Act, which would legalize same-sex marriage in the State of Maryland. .

State Sen. Roy P. Dyson (D-MD, District 29, Calvert/Charles/St. Mary’s Counties) “has voted against similar legislation in the past”.

Del. John F. Wood (D-MD, District 29A, Charles/St. Mary’s Counties) “is opposed to the legislation.

Del. John Bohanan, Jr. (D-MD, District 29B, St. Mary’s County) “is still considering his position on the legislation”.

Del. Anthony J. O’Donnell (D-MD, District 29C, Calvert/St. Mary’s Counties) “has no stated position on this year’s legislation”.

To all Marylanders, please call your representatives and ask them to vote for H.B.438/S.B.241 in the 2012 legislative session. Find your state-level legislators here.

It takes like no time at all. None. There’s usually not even a ring before someone picks up on their extension. Do what you can. Put this on-blast!

This. Day. Y’all. This. Fucking. Day.
Late for work
Written up at work
Looking for a new job
Slept all day (including through two classes)
Hair’s a mess

This. Day. Y’all. This. Fucking. Day.

  1. Late for work
  2. Written up at work
  3. Looking for a new job
  4. Slept all day (including through two classes)
  5. Hair’s a mess